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December 2021

Oil and Gas Royalty Owners
need to be upset about
Natural Gas Postproduction Charges (PPC’s)

(“Other deductions”)

Actual Gas PPC’s at one plant in May 2019= $12.99 per MCF

250,000 MCF per day X $12.99 per MCF X 365 Days = $1,185,337,500


Annual Postproduction Charges

Postproduction costs deducted from Private Royalty Owners and

Working Interest Royalty Owners

$1,185,337,500 X 1/8 lease = $148,167,187


Annual PPC’s charged to Royalty Owners

from this one Facility

How would you, as a Royalty Owner, spend these dollars if you received

them as opposed to being withheld from your check?

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Williston Basin Royalty Owners Association

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The mission of WBROA is to educate and encourage Williston Basin Royalty Owners to engage with statewide elected officials, legislators and members of the Judiciary for purpose of providing insight into the expectations of their constituency.


The purpose of WBROA is to help enable Royalty Owners to develop the skillset to comfortably communicate their frustrations and expectations when discussing the treatment of the royalty payment issues in question.

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It’s All About Numbers and People

SCR 4010 provides for an interim study of post production deductions from royalty payments. With an extremely small number of legislators receiving oil royalties we have a large job ahead of us to educate the interim committee. It will be “all” about numbers. We must show and convince the interim Energy and Natural Resources members of what we believe are the inadequacies of the treatment of our interests. How do we accomplish that task?

It's crucial that we communicate the huge financial losses to royalty owners and the taxpayers of North Dakota due to these Postproduction costs.

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WBROA does not purport to offer Legal or Professional Financial advice. We will attempt to aid in developing the language needed to request the proper answers to questions relative to seeking professional legal or financial advice.

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