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Williston Basin Royalty Owners Association

It’s All About Numbers and People

SCR 4010 provides for an interim study of post production deductions from royalty payments. With an extremely small number of legislators receiving oil royalties we have a large job ahead of us to educate the interim committee. It will be “all” about numbers. We must show and convince the interim Energy and Natural Resources members of what we believe are the inadequacies of the treatment of our interests. How do we accomplish that task?

It's crucial that we communicate the huge financial losses to royalty owners and the taxpayers of North Dakota due to these Postproduction costs.

We do it with numbers! We need to represent the largest Royalty Owners group in the Williston Basin. Royalty Owners can change the results of an election, and that is the leverage that we need to be able to use when discussing our issues. We will not threaten, but if the membership is large enough it will be understood. If a husband and wife each have royalty interests, please each become members. If you are from out of state, we can still use the leverage of financial support when investing in needed research or professional documentation of what is transpiring.

We also need people to testify relative to their personal situation. We are not suggesting that you will need to reveal your royalty income. But there are other means utilizing percentage references to verify the validity of what is happening in your situation. Do not let your chance go by, as it may be the only opportunity we have to get this done right. Someone else can not relate your situation and grievance as well as you can.

We will face opposition from the oil companies and the mid-stream gas gathers, but we must remember that we are not “anti-oil”, we are “pro-mineral owner”. We absolutely are in favor of development, but we need to return to the original expectation that was delivered when oil was first discovered and developed in North Dakota.  State government does have the ability to change the current practices, it just takes the proper strategy. This association needs everyone with a vested interest in these issues to enroll as members to enable WBROA to effectively communicate the needs of Royalty Owners.

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